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Let's Talk Diabetes with TCOYD®

TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR DIABETES® - THE PODCAST! ...With Expert Endocrinologists Living with T1D, Drs. Steven V. Edelman & Jeremy Pettus


Welcome to The Podcast!, an edutaining show all about highs and lows of living with diabetes. Hosted by Dr. Steve Edelman and Dr. Jeremy Pettus, both endocrinologists who have been living with diabetes themselves since they were 15, we’re discussing the important topics that people living with diabetes need to know—and no topic is off-limits.

From the latest advancements in diabetes medications and devices, to interviews with some of the best minds in diabetes, to personal stories about the ups and downs of dealing with this condition 24/7, we’re tackling what it means to live with diabetes in modern times. And we promise to make you laugh along the way, because sometimes we just need to laugh at the craziness that comes with living with diabetes.

In this episode we introduce ourselves, giving you a quick peek into our world, and why we do what we do. We are in this together. Welcome to our audio diabetes community! Visit us anytime at tcoyd.org.

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Let's Talk Diabetes with TCOYD®
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