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Dental/Oral Hygiene and Diabetes, with Dana Berliner RDH, AKA the Tooth Fairy

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Dental/Oral Hygiene and Diabetes – Featuring Dana Berliner RDH, AKA the Tooth Fairy

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We all know that oral care is important and have been told our whole lives that we have to brush and floss every day. But what does good dental hygiene mean and why does it matter? And is it really a big deal if I skip brushing and flossing? More importantly, can my dentist tell? We’re sitting down with Dr. E’s hygienist and proclaimed tooth fairy, Dana Berliner, to talk about how diabetes can affect your oral care, and how your oral care can affect the rest of your body. Plus she answers all of our questions about what it actually takes to have good dental hygiene.

Questions We’ll Cover in This Episode:
  • What actually is plaque and what does it cause?
  • What is gingivitis?
  • What is periodontal disease?
  • What do the different numbers mean when they measure bone loss and gum health?
  • How does oral health affect other areas of my body?
  • How does diabetes affect my oral health?
  • How does smoking affect my oral health? Is vaping any different?
  • How can I improve the health of my gums and teeth?
  • What is the proper way to floss?
  • How often should I go to the dentist?
  • What about pets and oral care?
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Dental/Oral Hygiene and Diabetes, with Dana Berliner RDH, AKA the Tooth Fairy
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