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Sex and Diabetes, with Janis Roszler PhD, RD, CDCES

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Sex and Diabetes – Featuring Janis Roszler PhD, RD, CDCES

TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR DIABETES® - THE PODCAST! ...With Expert Endocrinologists Living with T1D, Drs. Steven V. Edelman & Jeremy Pettus

Let’s talk about sex baby! Sex is one of those topics that is considered “taboo” yet a topic most people have questions about. So, we’re inviting marriage, family and sex therapist Dr. Janis Roszler to take the shame out of the sex conversation. We’ll discuss how diabetes can affect your sex life and tips for not letting your diabetes get in the way of an intimate moment. We’re also talking about ways to build (or rebuild) a sexual connection and how to take the pressure off “performing” in the bedroom. You may giggle, you may blush, but most of all you may get answers to those questions you were too afraid to ask.

Questions We’ll Cover in This Episode:
  • Why is sex and diabetes an important topic to talk about?
  • How do I introduce diabetes into my new relationship?
  • What’s a good tip couples can use when diabetes gets in the way of an intimate moment?
  •  Does diabetes cause erectile dysfunction? What can I do if I'm experiencing ED?
  • What are the 8 types of intimacy?
  • How can I take the pressure off of “performing” in the bedroom?
  • What are your recommendations for watching porn?
  • How does a couple build a sexual connection?
  • How do you keep things fun in the bedroom (sex toys, vibrators, etc.)?
  • How do I approach possibly wanting to see a sex therapist? Where can I find a sex therapist?
  • What are other reliable resources you recommend to learn more about realistic sex and intimacy?
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Sex and Diabetes, with Janis Roszler PhD, RD, CDCES
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