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Is There Really Such a Thing as a “Diabetes Diet”?

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Is There Really Such a Thing as a Diabetes Diet? – Featuring Adriana Valencia, RD, CDCES, Registered Dietitian & Diabetes Educator

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Discussing a "diet for diabetes" is such a hot topic, but what does that even mean? Many individuals wonder if they need to completely cut out certain foods or if they can still enjoy their favorite dishes. We’re sitting down with nutrition expert Adriana Valencia to talk about balancing your diet when living with diabetes with topics such as moderation, carb counting, substitution, and artificial sweeteners. We’ll also talk about the importance of finding a dietitian that is right for you.

Questions We’ll Cover in This Episode:
  • Is there a specific diet for individuals with diabetes? 
  • How can I find the right dietitian for me?
  • Is it possible to personalize a diet plan based on my lifestyle?
  • How important is it to involve my spouse, significant other, or family in my specific dietary plan?
  • Should I be concerned about choosing organic or non-organic foods?
  • What are the implications of following diets such as keto, low-carb, or intermittent fasting?
  • How important is carb counting in managing diabetes?
  • What is the deal with artificial sweeteners?
  • How effective are meal replacements?
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Is There Really Such a Thing as a “Diabetes Diet”?
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