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Mini Dose Glucagon, with Gary Scheiner, MS, CDCES

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Mini Dose Glucagon – Featuring Gary Scheiner, MS, CDCES 

TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR DIABETES® - THE PODCAST! ...With Expert Endocrinologists Living with T1D, Drs. Steven V. Edelman & Jeremy Pettus

Drs. E and P meet with award winning Certified Diabetes Educator; Masters-level Exercise Physiologist; Owner and Director of Integrated Diabetes Services; and Author, Gary Scheiner, MD, CDCES to delve deep into the realm of glucagon, offering listeners an engaging discussion that merges all three of their practical insights. Through the conversation about glucagon's functions and its implications for diabetes management, they provide a special approach to taking a microdose of glucagon to be proactive and catch issues with hypoglycemia early.

In this episode, we will talk about:
  • What is glucagon?
  • What is the purpose of glucagon in our bodies? 
  • The relationship of glucagon and those living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes? 
  • What is mini-dosing glucagon? 
  • How can a mini-dose of glucagon benefit you while working out? 

Gary’s Resources
: integrateddiabetes.com/
Book: integrateddiabetes.com/shop-for-diabetes-supplies/Think-Like-A-Pancreas-3rd-Edition-p297816888
Podcast: integrateddiabetes.com/think-like-a-pancreas-the-podcast/

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Mini Dose Glucagon, with Gary Scheiner, MS, CDCES
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