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Turn it Up! Hearing Issues and Diabetes with Sara Mattson, Au.D

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Turn it Up! Hearing Issues and Diabetes – Featuring Sara Mattson, Au.D, Doctor of Audiology; Owner of San Diego Hearing Center

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Did you know that approximately 48 million people aged 20 and older experience some form of hearing loss? Join us with Sara Mattson as we delve into hearing issues. We'll explore the correlation between hearing loss and diabetes and examine the various factors and causes behind hearing problems. We'll also discuss when to get screened for hearing loss and analyze the costs associated with testing and hearing devices. Additionally, we'll review different types of hearing devices and share tips on protecting your hearing.

In this episode, we will talk about:
  • Who is Sara Mattson, and what is her background? 
  • What's the percentage of people in the US with hearing loss, and what types exist?
  • What kind of hearing loss do people with diabetes usually have, and what symptoms precede hearing loss?
  • How do you get evaluated for hearing loss, what's the process, and when should you screen for it?
  • What are the stats of hearing loss in people with diabetes, and what's the typical cost for tests and hearing devices?
  • How can you 'cure' hearing loss problems, what types of hearing devices exist, and how can you protect your hearing?
Sara Mattson, Au. D. is a Doctor of Audiology and the San Diego Hearing Center owner. She is also Steve’s doctor and has set him up with a state-of-the-art hearing aid. Now, Steve hears every whisper in the office.

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Turn it Up! Hearing Issues and Diabetes with Sara Mattson, Au.D
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