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ADA Standards of Care, with Dr. Robert Gabbay (ADA Chief Scientific & Medical Officer)

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ADA Standards of CareFeaturing Dr. Robert Gabbay (ADA Chief Scientific & Medical Officer)

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Did you know there is a universal guide that every healthcare provider refers to when treating their patients with diabetes? The American Diabetes Association Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes, published on an annual basis, includes all of the ADA's current diabetes treatment recommendations based on clinical diabetes research and input from the diabetes medical community. We’re inviting the ADA Chief Scientific and Medical Officer, Dr. Robert Gabbay, to break down the most important takeaways from the 2022 Standards of Care edition!

Questions We’ll Cover in This Episode:
  • What are the ADA Standards of Care?
  • What have been the newest changes to the treatment algorithm type 2 diabetes? What new data from clinical trials lead to these changes?
  • What are the current guidelines for starting insulin and how have they changed for T2D?
  • What do these guidelines provide in terms of access?
  • What do these guidelines suggest for weight loss as a goal?
  • What is the first question your provider should ask when evaluating you?
  • What are the guidelines around pregnancy for women with type 1?
  • What factors go into deciding the right insulin regimen for someone with T1D?
ADA Standards of Care Resources: professional.diabetes.org/content-page/practice-guidelines-resources

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ADA Standards of Care, with Dr. Robert Gabbay (ADA Chief Scientific & Medical Officer)
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